the experience.

the experience.

We’re never happier than when something unexpected happens and all the chaos starts –adrenalin rolls and we create wedding awesomeness.

What’s it like to work with us?

A few weeks before the wedding comes the businessy-like spreadsheet-y wheelhouse: the client questionnaire. This info form gives us all the details we need to fully realise your vision for the day. It lets us fully relax and be wholly absorbed in capturing each moment, ready to roll with whatever comes our way – be that planned events, wedding chaos or planned chaos.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – we’re already talking about your wedding. Back to the initial meeting. We’ll go through show you some pretty albums, chat about the plans for your big day and go over all the details, we’ll drink some small-batch craft beer and you’ll go away with a full understanding of how we role with all your questions answered and concerns alleviated. Now let’s head back to your wedding.

We throw everything into your day till we’re spent. We come home knackered. You’re exhausted too – but rushing off to start your Mr and Mrs lives or the Mrs and Mrs, if that’s how you roll. Then it’s all over. You took the time to be mindful and present but still the day you’ve been planning for the better part of a year is over.

The best part of the job happens right about now. Your photographs and album will make it real all over again. On page one of the album it all comes back. You’re there getting ready jittery and excited and nervous, taking your vows, the kiss, the dinner, the dancing all over again.

And it’s all there. The mood, the details, the story of the day, even the candid in-between moments you started to forget in the post wedding haze. After all, you hired a biographer for your love story – and there it is. Your romantic story has been told.

But now we’re sounding all sentimental and romantic so we’re going to talk about beer to compensate.

Let’s have that drink to discuss.

frequently asked questions.


Do you both work as a team?

You’ll either have Paul or Hannah as the lead photographer on your day.  If you want a second photographer on the day we can arrange that no probs.

Do you do weddings outside Ireland?

Yes, we document weddings throughout Ireland and abroad.

Do we get to choose the images that go in the album?

Yes, you choose your favourite images and then we design an album using your chosen shots.

Do we get our images electronically?

Yes, all your images are provided in full resolution without a watermark and ready-to-print, so you can print them as large and as often as you want.

Can we get formal family photos?

Yes, we do these at all my weddings – I just get a list from you and that will keep mum happy 😉

What about an online gallery thingy?

You get an online gallery thingy for sharing images with your family and friends.

Do people actually read all of these?

Only the thorough ones like you, everyone else just looks at the photos.

the who, what and when.

let’s chat.