about us.

about us.

about us.

about paul.

To be a photographer is to be a biographer.

Right. I’ll give it to you straight.

My life in a nutshell: Irish born, get dreary businessy degree, work in dreary businessy job, travel, fall in love with photography, travel, become a photographer, travel, meet wife, settle in Australia, create mean wedding photography business, travel, create more amazing wedding images, create cute baby girl, move home to Ireland, have my first decent pint in years.

I’ve travelled heaps, photographing my way around the world. I appreciate different cultures. I really enjoy observing why different people do different things. But I’m crap at foreign languages because I’m too lazy to learn. I hate that it makes me feel stupid to not be able to express myself so I revert to speak in a foreign accent, like they do with Germans in old war movies.

Ze. Package. Is. Nicht. Mine.

I. Request. Ze. Presence. Of. My. Solicitor. Before. Proceeding.

paul, being attacked by a deer.

paul, being attacked by a deer.

I’ve always been anti-status-quo, which I think comes from rebelling against my typical ‘80’s Irish kid upbringing. I hate mediocrity. Middle-of-the-roadness. Sameness. At lot of wedding photography is just bland – lots of posed, plastic, safe images we’ve seen before. I’d like to banish the banal.

I read a lot of non-fiction – biographies, histories, essays – because people fascinate me, be they politicians, athletes or ordinary people with extraordinary lives. I love their stories and want to know how and why they do things. I love the realness of it. This is what drew me to wedding photography – I am the biographer and your wedding day is the start of your story, when your two narratives weave together. The albums I create are the biographies to pass down to your children’s children.

I am exceptionally organized in a list-maker sort of way. I do, however, revel in chaos. I’m business-like and spread-sheety. I assign categories, label things, put things in drawers. But at the same time I’m always daydreaming. Always thinking and creating. I live in my head more than I’d like to admit.

documenting with creativity and emotion.

I take my higher level brand of right-brain organizational skills, pair it with my left brain daydreaming creative visionary shit, and create wedding awesomeness. Over-preparing allows me to be present – I can ignore everything else and concentrate on fully documenting with creativity and emotion. I leave it all on the field at each wedding, and come home knackered.

Need to know more? Let’s catch up for a drink.

Warning: I. Schpeak. Wiss. Dis. Acksent. After. Two. Beers.

about you.

about you.

about you.

You are romantic, busy, decisive. Driven. You work hard and are successful. But family and friends come first. You are drawn to emotion. You want your story told with all it’s emotion.

You are looking for a biographer.

Your wedding photos needn’t simply be like a roll call of who attended, with neat shots of each relative and friend ticked off a checklist. You want a photographer that’ll capture your wedding in all its awesomeness. No crap photography here please. You would prefer cheese free, lactose intolerant, if you will. You want your wedding to remember to be a wedding that’s remembered. You want a stunning wedding album that your friends will be jealous of, and your Nan will approve of.

We do quality bespoke photography for people who want something more than the status quo. If that’s something you’re into, let’s have that drink.

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