some of my favourites.

Wow, what an amazing few years it’s been! So many awesome couples, so many special moments. Manys a drink drank and dance danced.

Putting together this blog post has been therapeutic. In the whirl of chaos and emotion that is life as a wedding photographer you don’t always see the bit by bit improvement in your craft. So it’s nice to stand back and take stalk once in a while.

Boiling down so many amazing weddings into one post has been difficult – do I choose groom in a shopping trolley? The flower girl having her own bridezilla moment? Me being attacked by a dear? In the end, I chose the images that speak to me most – hopefully they give an insight into where I’m at right now.

A big thanks to all of my couples for letting me share in the beautiful craziness that makes up a wedding day. Thanks for trusting me to be your biographer.


Wedding Photography Dublin_2119AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp2Wedding Photographer Dublin2002 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp3Wedding Photographer Dublin2003 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp4Wedding Photographer Dublin2004 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp5Wedding Photographer Dublin2005 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp6Wedding Photographer Dublin2006 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp7Wedding Photographer Dublin2007 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp8Wedding Photographer Dublin2008 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp9Wedding Photographer Dublin2009 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp10Wedding Photographer Dublin2010 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp11Wedding Photographer Dublin2011 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp12Wedding Photographer Dublin2012 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp13Wedding Photographer Dublin2013 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp14Wedding Photographer Dublin2014 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp15Wedding Photographer Dublin2015 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp16Wedding Photographer Dublin2016 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp17Wedding Photographer Dublin2017 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp18Wedding Photographer Dublin2018 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp19Wedding Photographer Dublin2019 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp20Wedding Photographer Dublin2020 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp21Wedding Photographer Dublin2021 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp22Wedding Photographer Dublin2022 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp23Wedding Photographer Dublin2023 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp24Wedding Photographer Dublin2024 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp25Wedding Photographer Dublin2025 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp26Wedding Photographer Dublin2026 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp27Wedding Photographer Dublin2027 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp28Wedding Photographer Dublin2028 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp29Wedding Photographer Dublin2029 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp30Wedding Photographer Dublin2030 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp31Wedding Photographer Dublin2031 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp32Wedding Photographer Dublin2032 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp33Wedding Photographer Dublin2033 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp34Wedding Photographer Dublin2034 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp35Wedding Photographer Dublin2035 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp36Wedding Photographer Dublin2036 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp37Wedding Photographer Dublin2037 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp39Wedding Photographer Dublin2039 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp40Wedding Photographer Dublin2040 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp41Wedding Photographer Dublin2041 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp42Wedding Photographer Dublin2042 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp43Wedding Photographer Dublin2043 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp44Wedding Photographer Dublin2044 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp45Wedding Photographer Dublin2045 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp46Wedding Photographer Dublin2046 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp47Wedding Photographer Dublin2047 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp48Wedding Photographer Dublin2048 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp49Wedding Photographer Dublin2049 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp50Wedding Photographer Dublin2050 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp38Wedding Photographer Dublin2038AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp51Wedding Photographer Dublin2051 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp52Wedding Photographer Dublin2052AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp53Wedding Photographer Dublin2053Wedding Photography Dublin_2122 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp54Wedding Photographer Dublin2054 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp55Wedding Photographer Dublin2055 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp56Wedding Photographer Dublin2056 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp57Wedding Photographer Dublin2057 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp58Wedding Photographer Dublin2058 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp59Wedding Photographer Dublin2059 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp60Wedding Photographer Dublin2060 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp61Wedding Photographer Dublin2061 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp62Wedding Photographer Dublin2062 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp63Wedding Photographer Dublin2063 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp64Wedding Photographer Dublin2064 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp65Wedding Photographer Dublin2065 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp66Wedding Photographer Dublin2066 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp67Wedding Photographer Dublin2067 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp70Wedding Photographer Dublin2070 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp71Wedding Photographer Dublin2071AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp68Wedding Photographer Dublin2068AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp69Wedding Photographer Dublin2069 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp73Wedding Photographer Dublin2073 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp74Wedding Photographer Dublin2074 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp75Wedding Photographer Dublin2075 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp76Wedding Photographer Dublin2076 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp77Wedding Photographer Dublin2077 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp78Wedding Photographer Dublin2078 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp79Wedding Photographer Dublin2079 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp80Wedding Photographer Dublin2080 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp81Wedding Photographer Dublin2081 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp82Wedding Photographer Dublin2082 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp83Wedding Photographer Dublin2083 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp84Wedding Photographer Dublin2084 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp85Wedding Photographer Dublin2085AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp88Wedding Photographer Dublin2088 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp86Wedding Photographer Dublin2086 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp87Wedding Photographer Dublin2087 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp89Wedding Photographer Dublin2089 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp90Wedding Photographer Dublin2090 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp91Wedding Photographer Dublin2091Wedding Photography Dublin_2121AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp92Wedding Photographer Dublin2092 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp93Wedding Photographer Dublin2093 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp94Wedding Photographer Dublin2094 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp95Wedding Photographer Dublin2095AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp97Wedding Photographer Dublin2097 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp96Wedding Photographer Dublin2096 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp98Wedding Photographer Dublin2098 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp100Wedding Photographer Dublin2100Wedding Photography Dublin_2120

AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp99Wedding Photographer Dublin2099 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp101Wedding Photographer Dublin2101 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp102Wedding Photographer Dublin2102 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp103Wedding Photographer Dublin2103Wedding Photography Dublin_2124AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp104Wedding Photographer Dublin2104Wedding Photography Dublin_2123 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp105Wedding Photographer Dublin2105 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp106Wedding Photographer Dublin2106 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp107Wedding Photographer Dublin2107 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp108Wedding Photographer Dublin2108 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp109Wedding Photographer Dublin2109 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp110Wedding Photographer Dublin2110 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp111Wedding Photographer Dublin2111 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp112Wedding Photographer Dublin2112 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp113Wedding Photographer Dublin2113 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp114Wedding Photographer Dublin2114 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp115Wedding Photographer Dublin2115 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp116Wedding Photographer Dublin2116 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp117Wedding Photographer Dublin2117 AdobeBridgeBatchRenameTemp118Wedding Photographer Dublin2118

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  1. Katie Lindsay

    What a gorgeous time you’ve had Paul! And glad to see we get a look in for the faves 😉

  2. Lynsey Barrett

    Oh wow! So lovely 🙂 Paul you were absolutely wonderful! You made our day that much more special and brought so much more fun! Thank you so much!

  3. Kristen Bruce

    Oh! You and the deer haha so great 🙂 I don’t even know where to start – the baby sucking on the other baby’s nose, the sheep (oh the sheep!), the dresses, the lighting, and pretty much everything in black and white – you’ve nailed it all. Lee and I couldn’t be happier with having had you come and share our day and I feel just as happy whenever I see photos you’ve taken for other people. You’re a gem xx

  4. Carla Leigh

    So many beautiful photos!!! I can’t believe it was a year ago already- what a pleasure it was to have you as our photographer on our special day 🙂

  5. Victoria Dillon

    A stunning selection of images Paul.. What a year you have had!! You have captured the most beautiful moments that will stay with us for a lifetime.

  6. Caroline Avila

    Beautiful Paul, you make us wish we had attended each and every one of those special moments captured. See you for our future bubbas and anniversaries xoxo

  7. Alex Wigmore

    Gonna have to go get my album out now 🙂 such great memories!!

  8. Felicity Thomas

    So many wonderful photos, and wonderful memories!!! We were so lucky to have you capture our wedding day-can’t thank you enough for being so cool!

  9. Gloria Wong

    Glad we made it into your Blog of Favourites, Paul. 😉 We are so glad we had you and Loz to help capture all our special moments on our big day! We look at our album all the time and get so many compliments from family and friends! Thank you so much for sharing, Paul! You are so amazing at what you do!

  10. Lauren Elena Dowse

    AWESOME! My fav is the 4th last one for obvious reasons haha but all the others are just supperb!!!

    We will keep on refering you onto others with your fantastic talent!

  11. Kristi Lea

    All amazing photos Paul! Each so special and unique.
    We’re very glad that we chose you to capture our day. Our album is absolutely stunning and you were heaps of fun on the day! X

  12. Laura Davis

    You really are amazing at what you do – there are some incredible shots there. Very flattered to have made the cut 🙂

  13. Donna Fallon

    Cool snaps.

  14. Rosie Fayman

    “Here comes the bride” 🙂 beautiful images capturing so many emotions thoughts……..
    Thanks to ur proud wife for sharing 🙂 affectionate Cheers X

  15. Elena Fontaine

    Ohhhh just beautiful Paul! They all are! & so flattered to have made your favourites! We loved having you be a part of our big day & we just LOVE our album. We had so much fun & wish we could repeat that day (except for when the guys disappeared for kava & I lost it haha!). Thank you so much for ensuring we never forget just how wonderful our day was xoxo

  16. Monica Fagan

    Amazing photos Paul! We are very happy to make your favourites! Couldn’t be happier with all the moments you captured from our special day 🙂



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