Elena + Gaetan

A first look at the rather awesome wedding of Elena and Gaetan in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  Shooting a wedding in a South Pacific tropical paradise makes for a tough job- but someone’s gotta do it, might as well be me :).

Their wedding featured a stunning ceremony location on the water followed by rather epic fire dancing, the release of wish lanterns and fireworks – phewf!

In case you want some amusement, I was also shown how to dance solo with a chair by an inspirational guest.

This is how I saw it all unfold.

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  1. Elena Fontaine

    Paul McGinty, words cannot express how happy we are. We’ll be able to relive our awesome day over & over again! Thank you….SO much! Can’t wait to see the rest! In the meantime, we’ll keep staring at these stunning shots! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Vulase Uluiqamea Ah Jack

    Very beautiful wedding Joe and Elena, we are so very happy for you son, may God bless you both and take care of each other, love you

  3. Sara Emelee-Fong


  4. Samantha Laloyer

    So happy to be a part of your Wedding Day Gaetan Fontaine & Elena Fontaine 🙂
    I saw this little piece and i felt that it summed up all i wanted to say:
    “So perfect and fine,
    With all your friends round you
    To have a good time.
    And we wish you much happiness
    Starting your lives as one,
    Always give love to each other
    With lots of laughter and fun.”

    Paul is truly a talented photographer who has captured all the amazing moments 🙂

  5. Jennifer Kalpokas Doan

    Beautiful! Elena Fontaine – dream wedding wantaim!

  6. Gaëtan Fontaine

    Thank you Paul McGinty photography, the pictures are lovely

  7. Leighton Fatiaki

    Paul captured all those unforgettable moments on one of the happiest days of your lives!!!

  8. Evelynne Kalo

    Such amazing pictures! We were honored to be part of Ellie and Gaetan’s special day. Paul, how amazing is it that you caught the fire dance shot? Such amazing talent! We saw you on faithfully capturing every single moment. Thank you very much Paul for recording our friends special day.

  9. Eslyn Kaltongga

    Paul spectacular shots right there…loving these beautiful wedding pictures that you have captured…pictures do speak a thousand words and you have managed to let these pictures speak for themselves on how happy and wonderful this couple are. Awesome pictures! Congratulations again Mr & Mrs Fontaine!!

  10. Weddings Parties eVrisamting - Vanuatu

    FANTASTIC!!! I knew you were good Paul, and these images are just amazing! Now hurry up and send me your packages so we can get you capturing more wonderful Vanuatu weddings!!!

  11. Savi Aru

    Amazing shots Paul. Love your work. Oh Ellie beautiful memories of your special day. You rock Paul..

  12. Ricky Lee

    Thank you so much Paul for the amazing and beautiful shots, every time I look at a shot its as if I re-live the moment that was captured. Simply stunning.

  13. jimata

    Paul what amazing shots looking forward to see the other shots!!

  14. Fontaine Gaëtan

    Awesome, thanks heaps Paul McGinty Photography. There is no word to describe how I feel.

  15. Rez Rezistance

    Congratz yu2fala 🙂

  16. Dawnette Lailai

    Biggest congratulations to the both of you, the photos are just so lovely, feels like we are there with u both, Gaetan wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors with your beautiful wife, xoxoxo

  17. Gracey

    Absolutely gorgeous pics of a very beautiful day, Mr & Mrs Fontaine 🙂 xoxo

  18. Glen

    Sensational pics

  19. Chris & John Holloway

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, Paul. What a beautiful, happy wedding. These are wonderful pictures to keep and remind you of your happiest day.
    Wish we could have been there, but you were in our thoughts.

    Love ya,
    Chris and John xxx

  20. David and Ros

    Wow!!!!fabulous photos xxx what a wonderful happy wedding and stunning couple. Your happiness shinesxx
    Many Congratulations Elena and Gaetan…………xxx
    xx loads of love and wow!!what memories… rosxx and davidxx

  21. Janie Southwell

    amazing photos, what an awesome job Paul has done capturing you some beautiful photos that will last forever


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